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Curriculum Software for Autism & Special Education

Fill out the form to access our educational webinar on adapted curriculum and learn more about enCORE, a specialized core curriculum tailored for students with moderate to severe disabilities.

In this comprehensive  webinar, TeachTown's Director of Solutions Engineers and Enablement, Dr. Ross Nesselrode, highlights the main features of enCORE K-12, an adapted curriculum uniquely designed for students with moderate  to  severe disabilities:

  • A standards-based, adapted core-curriculum founded on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Offers students with moderate and severe disabilities access to the general education curriculum
  • Utilizes adapted grade-aligned content, high-quality, differentiated literature and integrated technology for teaching children with autism, and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Teacher and student using curriculum software for autism & special education

Blended Learning: A Webinar On Adapted Curriculum

Meet your classroom's wide array of learning and behavioral needs with a strategic blend of hands-on, teacher-led instruction and technology-facilitated lessons. Every single unit and lesson segment in enCORE is structured to flow through a gradual release of responsibility, guiding students from exposure to mastery.

Whether modeling how to make a prediction during a read-aloud in a whole group setting, practicing single-digit addition in small groups with discrete trial training, or monitoring student progress during independent work time, enCORE helps you do it all because your students need it all.

With enCORE, teachers are empowered to structure their classrooms based on their students' individual needs, available technology, and with the support of professionals

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The Result? 

One of the hallmarks of an effective educational program, especially for students with significant learning and/or behavioral challenges, is its alignment with Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and learning objectives. At TeachTown, we deeply understand this principle.

Our curriculum software, enCORE, is designed to be flexible and adaptive. It isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, it's a dynamic tool that recognizes the uniqueness of every student. Instruction is tailored to align with individual student IEP goals, ensuring that each lesson, activity, and assessment directly supports and enhances a student's personalized learning pathway.

 To put it simply, academics and behaviors improve because learning is ‘just right’ for each student.  

Webinar On Autism Special Education Curriculum - TeachTown enCORE K-8

Comprehensive & Data-Driven

New and veteran teachers are equipped with scripted, differentiated lesson plans that anchor all instruction with what works. Whether you’re new to teaching or entering your 20th year in the classroom, our teacher guides give you everything you need to succeed. Here are a sampling of lesson plan snapshots from elementary through high school based on your core subject area:

In addition to our responsive learning platform, enCORE boasts an expansive adapted reading library based on classic children’s literature, complete teacher guides, accompanying student workbooks, and additional classroom materials, like math and science manipulatives. 

enCORE is consistently analyzing student progress and responding with tailored learning activities. You can be confident that your students are practicing within their zone of proximal development – not too easy or hard. When students are appropriately challenged, interfering behaviors decrease and student engagement and academic growth increase. 

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