Transition to Adulthood

On-Demand Webinar

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In this webinar, one of TeachTown's Product Trainers, Kristina Cracknell, BCBA, walks viewers through the key features of Transition to Adulthood.

The solution is built around evidence-based practices to meet the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, as well as developmental disabilities. It uses point-of-view video modeling, task analyses, computer-based lessons, teacher-delivered lessons and visual supports to teach a range of critical, functional skills in the areas of:

  • Personal Life Skills such as applying sunscreen, brushing teeth, combing or brushing hair
  • Home Skills such as baking a frozen pizza, changing batteries, cleaning
  • Vocational Skills such as applying for a job or bagging groceries
  • Community Skills such as crossing the street or eating at a restaurant
  • Leisure Skills such as buying movie tickets or changing activities with a timer