Whole Child Approach

On-Demand Webinar

Fill out the form to access the on-demand webinar about TeachTown's Whole Child Approach for students with moderate to severe disabilities.
In this webinar, Jessica Cantu, M.Ed., BCBA, walks attendees through TeachTown's Whole Child Approach: 
  • Our award-winning adapted core curriculum, enCORE, along with our key interventions, are now being offered as a package to deliver a whole child approach that enhances student growth and development.
  • Whether your district requires core curriculum for reading, math, science and social studies, or individualized interventions across domains like adaptive, vocational, social or cognitive skills, we are here to support your teachers and students to build positive outcomes.

  • With a laser focus on individuals with moderate to severe disabilities and a trained team of BCBAs, Ph.D.s and SLPs, our solutions give you the evidence-based teaching components and training needed to plan, implement and track data to show progress and provide a comprehensive approach for all students with moderate to severe disabilities.